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Blyth Creek Maple Farm

100% Purely Canadian

Welcome to the Sugar Bush!

Come out and experience the sweet smells and tastes of the Maple season!

Join us as we adventure back to the Sugar Bush in a wagon and walk along the trails to experience from start to finish, the art of Maple Syrup making. Shoot a bow and arrow target at our "Ojibwa Sugar Camp", try your hand at the crosscut saw at the Pioneer Camp. Learn about the history of trapping, see and feel up-close, some wild animal furs at the Trading Post. Watch the sap gush into the sap extractor at our Pump House Station.

Learn to identify the different species of trees, wildlife and natural resources that live on the land that we call home. Warm up by a fire and listen to stories from times past about the history of Maple Syrup in Canada.

Witness the sap boiling into Maple Syrup in our Sugar Shack, and enjoy some pancakes or waffles with the sweet, golden delicacy that delights our taste buds! Don't miss out on the all time FAVOURITE Maple Milkshake!

Bring the family out for some memory making and good old fashioned fun! Play games, have a chat around the wood stove, eat some good food, and laugh!

School tours are available during the Maple production season.

We are proud to offer you a quality product that not only is beneficial to your health, but is natural, pure and 100% Made in Canada!

We look forward to the adventure with you!